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The A-Z of Meniere’s disease

Whether it is an affair or a ride, if it becomes noisy, it becomes a nuisance to the person and sometimes to the people around also! One can feel dizziness, drowsiness and may even tend to fall. The noise in itself can be so distressing and irritating that the sufferer loses one’s peace of mind. Yes, it is Tinnitus and when along with vertigo, it is known as Meniere’s disease.


This disease may include different noises in ears, spinning sensation- vertigo, loss of hearing, pressure in ears, severe nausea due to vertigo and imbalance. It can lead to permanent hearing loss. This can be due to smoking, hypertension, ear infections or excessive use of mobiles, ear phones or high decibel music or sounds, detonation of bombs in war like situations. Stress, overwork, mental fatigue, change in pressure, emotions, other diseases or even food with high salt content can trigger this disease, which occurs due to imbalance of fluid levels in the inner ear- called labyrinth. It generally affects those between the age of 40 to 60 years.


Meniere’s disease is primarily diagnosed by history and physical examination. Fullness of ear, noises and vertigo are the primary symptoms. Episodes can be small, frequent or long lasting, unilateral, later on becoming bilateral, which ultimately may worsen the hearing loss. An audiogram is helpful in accessing the extent of hearing loss. Hypothyroidism causes lethargy, fatigue weight gain, intolerance to cold and Meniere’s disease.


One must avoid high salt or sugar content in foods. Canned, frozen and preserved foods should be avoided. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains should be taken. Regular exercise should be done, but one must avoid gyms. One can use a stick to walk in severe cases to avoid a fall. Driving should also be avoided in cases with high intensity of disease.

Homoeopathy helps:

There are many sound specific medicines in homoeopathy and the patient can tell the doctor, what type of noise does he hear; whether it is buzzing, ringing, chirping of birds, blowing of wind, steaming whistling etc. These symptoms along with state of mind are taken into consideration to arrive at medicines in totality to cure the patient.

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