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Bhajji backs Gill over Shaw for 1st Test vs NZ

Shubman Gill’s stellar show in the recently-concluded India A series is an indicator that he is ready for the Test debut, feels former India off-spinner Harbhajan Singh.

Gill scored 83 and 204 not out batting in the middle-order in the first India A-New Zealand A unofficial Test, and then scored a hundred opening in the second game, showing his versatility at different slots. Prithvi Shaw, back in the Test squad after 16 months, is also a contender with his equally dazzling repertoire of strokes.

“Shubman should get his chance since he has been part of the team (as reserve opener) for quite a while without playing any Test match,” Harbhajan, who has been Gill’s state team skipper in white-ball cricket, said.

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