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25 envoys meet NSA Doval, want curbs in Kashmir to go

A batch of 25 foreign envoys, who visited Jammu & Kashmir earlier this week, met National Security Adviser Ajit Doval today. Their response as regards the situation in the UT was mixed.

Led by Afghan envoy Tahir Qadiry, one group was effusive and thanked the government for giving them an opportunity to have a dialogue with Kashmiris, claiming it would help them in evaluating the situation objectively. Another group, primarily from Europe, wanted restrictions to be lifted quickly. “While we recognise the serious security concerns, it is important the remaining restrictions be lifted swiftly,” said EU spokesperson for foreign affairs and security policy on behalf of EU Ambassador to India Ugo Astuto.

Dean of Diplomatic Corps in India Hans Dannenberg Castellanos felt though normalcy was back, it was not as normal as he would have wished.

Uganda’s High Commissioner Dinah Grace Akello said, “The people there spoke of development and investment.

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