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Backed by years of experience at the highest levels of intellectual journalism in its print, electronic and web avatars, Gurmit Singh is arguably the most familiar name in Punjab's vernacular and NRI media fraternity. His column and TV shows are familiar political, cultural and media landmarks among Punjabis all over the world.

The entire concept of Apna Punjab Media House has been promoted, owned and spearheaded by him with the cooperation of high end IT & Media professionals. Apna Punjab readers belong to the entire spectrum from the Indian community.

Gurmit Singh is credited with introducing journalism of ideas in Punjab's fast emerging and powerful new-age media world, particularly the on-line and web genres. In a very short span of time, it has established itself as an authentic and trustworthy news source on Punjab, India & International aairs.

Gurmit Singh

CEO & President

Apna punjab media inc

Media Group Brief

Apna Punjab-the ethnic newspaper published from New York is known for courageous,accountable, investigative and analytical journalism since 2005 (13 years) .

Now in Digital Form, we Cheers to the New Year 2017 with all new version of "Apna Punjab Online" that combines its world class journalism with the latest techtools.

The mobile responsive online portal is available in bilingual to cater to the varied interest: English(www.apnapunjabmedia.com) & English version (www.punjabi.apnapunjabinusa.com)

Scope at a glance

South Asians Is The Largest And The Fastest Growing Ethnic Group In USA & Canada. It plays the -Critical Growth Driver For Leading Companies.

Leading companies have been running major campaigns in the South Asian media for the last few years and have captured dominant market shares in the segment. Other companies are following suit to capture this underexploited but high potential segment.

Apna Punjab Media has balanced coverage of Local, Punjab, Indian and international news. It has the biggest editorial and IT support team among all ethnic publications designed to appeal to the well educated, financially well o South Asian population specifically Punjabi & Indian Diaspora.