Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan…

    19 May 2020

The shocking suicide by TV actor Manmeet Grewal shows how tough it is to survive in Mumbai without work. Due to lockdown, all shoots have come to a standstill, which has created financial pressure on daily soap actors. We spoke to a few TV actors on how they are currently managing their living and what’s their advice to fellow colleaguesArun Mandola

Mumbai is very expensive anyway, so one has to save for the future. I have always been very cautious when it comes to spending money. I am currently managing on my savings with ease. Many people take no care of their money; don’t do that. My advice is, stay positive and balance your expense wisely.

Savings are important

Jasmin Bhasin

We don’t need lockdown to understand the realities of life. Savings are important and also spending where it is needed, and investing where it can multiply. The situation is unpredictable for everyone, not just the entertainment industry. Actors have to maintain a lifestyle, but one must not fake it. Showing off is just not needed. At the end of the day, all are in same boat.

This too shall pass

Amal Sehrawat

One should save for the rainy days. Keep your expenses minimum till the time things get back to normal. Have faith, this too shall pass.

Right track

Kettan Singh

Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track. The lockdown has been tough for all of us. Industry’s pay system is also slow. I am managing fine as I have saved some money, but this situation is not permanent.

Be real

Aniruddh Dave

One has to be careful with regard to money management. Uncertainty and unpredictability is a reality in all professions. Lockdown has made everyone think real. An actor has to maintain a certain image, but they need to live realistically

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