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Road to success

Success is a conscious creation. It comes, when we align with the universal laws on a personal level. It may seem like a coincidence, but it is actually a process of directly aligning with the flow of life.
It is your own endeavour that will attract you and connect you to your personal energy field with the infinite realm of possibilities available to you. Your own self mastery will create a major shift in your consciousness, open newer pathways for you and open your life to newer and higher truths leading to success.
Living a purpose
Purpose is truly something greater than your own self. It is your guiding principle and the central goal that directs your choices. Living with no concrete purpose or living off purpose means being side tracked and not arriving anywhere. Your energy gets scattered, you just bounce from one occurrence to another.
Primary goal
We need to realise that we must be centred, focused and have a direct access to our goals. We must be able to define our primary purpose. It takes care of various aspects — clarity of understanding, self mastery, deepening love. When we consciously feel the presence of these qualities, it creates a dramatic shift in consciousness. This makes space for other goals to fall into place. Expanding influence is actually about accepting love as the great educator and allowing positive energy to expand within. Releasing hate in order to accept the love state is also very essential.
Energetic choice
If we choose love, it is not just a basic thought or concept, it is an actual energetic choice. It is a way of switching from a heavy earthbound vibe to a lighter, fluid and more beautiful flow. Your spiritual purpose and professional purpose start working in parallels.
Love intent
The primary purpose of our reason for being here is to experience divine love, working on this vibration and aligning with the world. All types of stress in our lives is a result of a lack of balance due to our lack of alignment with the universe.
Immediate needs
Most individuals are driven by individual needs. They seem to be the compelling force in life. Paying rent every month or having to pay your regular monthly bills are needs you have to comply with. They keep you compelled and driven.
Identify your passion
Once you have found your true purpose, you begin to realise that this itself is your passion. You need to keep it constantly fuelled to keep yourself going. Finding the purpose of your passion is essential. Some people just find it from within, some look for it and find it, and some have what we call natural call.
Serendipity could be nudging you into a career. You could start at 18 on a temporary stint at a job and realise at 50 that this is what got you real fulfilment from.
Avoid the fear trap
Your comfort zone is actually like a fear trap. It is essential to keep away from it. It hampers progress and evolution. It is seductive and keeps you stuck. Most people are afraid of taking risks and carry on in a mundane life forever.
Road to success
Your personal energy of excitement, will keep you constantly in action and spark wonderful responses. Affirmations are essential to allow success in your life. You can repeat a few simple sentences like:

  • I stay centred
  • I live with alignment
  • I live with passion
  • I make the right choices
  • I prioritise my purpose
  • I follow my bliss

Please don’t wait for joy to begin. Start making it happen now.

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