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Landlord complains 'spotless' flat is 'filthy' in viral video

by Apna Punjab    31-Aug-2021

Landlords are usually not known to be happy with their tenants. They will charge you for a dripping tap that was broken even before you moved on or make you pay huge sums of money for something that can be repaired for pennies.

A woman has shared a video in which her landlord complained that their "spotless" flat is "filthy". Twitter user Hani posted the video with the caption, "I hate landlords. please watch as mine pretends our absolutely spotless flat is filthy."

The video shows the landlord doing a flat inspection, walking around what looks like a very tidy kitchen.

In the video, the landlord asks Hani, "If you can take some pictures of dirty things."Hani replies from behind the camera, "Yeah, I'm just doing a video, so when you do something I just zoom in."

Gesturing to what appears to be clean kitchen surfaces and cupboards, the landlord sayss: "All the surfaces need to be clean and the windows."

In a second video, Hani filmed her clean bathroom and wrote, "Everything is immaculate and in full working order! and she had the nerve to say she needs to deduct fees for the place not being clean!"

In another tweet, Hani added, "But last month she was asking if we could extend our contract because she didn’t think she would find tenants to keep it as tidy as us."

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