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20-feet-long giant python bites zookeeper in a spine-chilling viral video

by Apna Punjab    08-Sep-2021

If creepy crawlies unnerve you, this video is definitely not for you. A video of a giant reticulated python biting a zookeeper in a spine-chilling video has gone crazy viral on social media. The video was shared by Jay Brewer, Founder of the Reptile Zoo in California. A giant ivory and grey reticulated python attacked and bit the zookeeper who took its eggs away to safety.Jay Brewer, who often shares interesting videos of snakes and other reptiles from his zoo, shared this video on Saturday on Instagram. The snake mom tries to defend its eggs which the zookeeper was trying to take away to keep them in a safer place. After dodging a few attacks, the snake finally gets him and bites him on his arm.

“20Ft Snake Bit Me. Well this giant pied girl has never really liked me and in this video she finally gets me not only is she super mom defending her eggs but she is only one generation from a wild snake making her genes a little more crazy regardless she’s a beautiful snake and her babies will be even prettier (sic),” Jay Brewer captioned the video.

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