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Doggo runs away with ball during Women's T20 match

by Apna Punjab    13-Sep-2021
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If you love cricket, then you surely might be familiar with the adrenaline that builds up when there is an important match to be played by your favourite teams. Now, imagine that adrenaline rush adorably interrupted by a furry playmate running on the field with the ball in its mouth. An exact similar thing happened during an Irish Women’s domestic cricket match between Bready and CSNI and the video has gone insanely viral, winning hearts on the internet.In the 36-second clip, the players were seen busy playing the match with all their concentration. Batter Abbey Leckey hit the ball just a little behind the keeper with the fielder running to pick the ball up. The fielder threw the ball towards the wicket-keeper and that’s when the dog made its first appearance on camera. While the wicket-keeper collected the ball and threw it at the stumps only to miss it, the dog took the chance and caught the ball in its mouth and started running away, much to the amusement of the crowd.

With the fielders chasing the goofy pup to get a hold of the ball, a spectator, probably the owner, also appeared to join in the chase. The whole stadium erupted in laughter, including the commentators. Finally, the dog ran towards the batter at the non-striker’s end, Aoife Fisher, and got its share of a pat.

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