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Little girl climbs wall effortlessly

by Apna Punjab    20-Sep-2021
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Avideo of a little girl has been grabbing a lot of attention on social media. Why, you may ask? In the video that has now gone viral on social media, a little girl can be seen effortlessly climbing a wall using her hands and legs without any support. The now-viral video has left netizens stunned. On Twitter, the video has over 526k views.In the 55-second video, a little girl can be seen standing in the corner of a room and then she starts climbing the wall using her hands and legs. While doing this, she is facing against the wall. The video was shared on a Twitter account named Fun Viral Vids. "Spiderman's daughter (sic),” the video caption read.

Netizens can hardly believe what they just watched in the video. They took to the comments section to share what they think about this viral video. "Had she crawled up over the celling... trust me mate... I would have called up an exorcist (sic)," a user's hilarious comment read. "Amazing balance and sense of grip at this small age (sic)," another comment read.

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